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1965-1968 Kodak Instamatic 104 camera with removable Flashcube

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This is a Kodak Instamatic 104 camera produced from 1965 to 1968. Legos and vintage cameras are my passion. I saw this camera and saw it: a beautifully done 1:1 scale model complete to every last detail. Then I thought to myself, why not build it myself? It seemed simple, with it's relatively cubic shape and simplicity, but in the first steps there where already some problems with length and height. After some adjustments, I did the best of my ability (and bricks) to this model.

As you can see, there are still some issues with detail like the lettering and color. The Flashcube (the clear box on top) was made to look like a Sylvania Blue Dot Flashcube, but with a limited amount of bricks and size constraints, the center is not done well and the sides have some "holes". The center is a total disaster that can be fixed with the infinite amount of bricks Lego has to offer. With some changes, this camera can really be something!

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