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Apple Store


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This is a replica of an Apple Store if you could not tell. It has 8 iMacs on 4 counters (2 iMacs per counter, 2 counters per side of store) one of them is an iMac Pro with the space gray mouse and keyboard, then there are 16 iPhones on 4 tables (4 phones table). There is a desk in the back with one chair and drawers on the front for an employee to sit down at if he has time. There are also 2 book shelves they are in between the counters on each side. There are 5 minifigures, 3 employees and a mom and her son. The mom has a shopping bag. There is not an is not an apple logo on the store because the software that I used (Lego Digital Designer) prohibited me to, so you can just stick one of the two apple stickers you get when you by an Apple product. The roof comes off easy like a modular roof.