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Rocking Horse

Because of my love for vintage toys, I decided to make a Lego rocking horse. This toy was always one of my favorites growing up because I could never sit still as a child. I remember how fun it would be to swing back and forth with one hand in the air, feeling like the coolest cowgirl in all the land! That is why I decided to create this model which ended up totaling to about 113 pieces. I based it off of a real wooden rocking horse and chose to make the horse brown and white, (because I think they are the cutest.) Ideally, I would love for the model to be much bigger and more three-dimensional to further replicate the actual object. Overall, I can see this being a great Lego set because children and adults would have so much fun rocking their very own Lego rocking horse! In other words, I find the rocking horse to be a timeless toy for all ages, and my hope is to share it with the world in the most lovable form. Thank-you!

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