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Scrap Metal Mech


"One man's trash is another man's treasure." Never before has the saying been truer.

Monsters, aliens, and mad scientists have threatened our world, and all but a few are powerless to stop them.  A humble scrapyard worker decided to be one of these few. After scrounging through mountains of metal for any and all useful components, he constructed a machine unparalleled in its herculean potential; The Scrap Metal Mech.

This monstrosity comes equipped with cranes, a sword, and a "goblet gun" that will sure take its foes by surprise.  The cockpit, made from an old truck, has space for any supplies the pilot wishes to carry, or for another minifigure to keep him company.  Combined with excellent articulation, this mech is ready to smash anything that dares tread on the toes of mankind!