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RC minifig scaled truck

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How can you make your city better and more exciting? With Rc vehicles! And yes, these are existing in minifig scale!

I made a video, which shows the truck in action. You can find it .

There is enough place for the mechanism of the steering under the cabin. Unrortunately oversteering damages the truck. Look at an other, shorter video &feature;=context&context;=C378acc2ADOEgsToPDskLofiPfbxD--cfKsA0RD5Qq.

I can fit in the cabin two minifigs. And it's only 6 stud wide!

I crammad into the trailer an IR reciver, two M motors, a battery box, a differential and a lot of gears and axles!

You can read more information here.

Thanks for watching! And please support this project! :)

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