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Gondola at Amusement Park

Hello everyone.
Today I am here with the Gondola at Amusement Park, which is also my second Ideas Project. First of all, I have to say that the construction took quite a long time. I was very tired, especially while doing the triangular part that keeps the gondola afloat and dealing with the chains. Please do not forget to support and share this with your friends for the sake of my labor.

The dimensions of the set are as follows:
Height: about 18 cm
Width: 25.5cm
Depth: 25.5cm
(My project is installed on a 32x32 baseplate.)
In addition, the set consists of 918 pieces.

1) First of all, the ship located in the main part of my project is connected to the bar located above with 4 chains. (You can compare this to the ferris wheel sets that were once released by Lego)
2) There are seats inside the ship where you can seat 7 minifigures. I also put two minifigures there for her to have fun with.
3) I created an ambiance under the ship as if octopuses and sharks were roaming around. It's like dangerous sea creatures are living under that ship.
4) There is also a ticket office on the set, which I designed in the form of a tree. There is also a staff member inside who will serve incoming customers. There is also 1 Seagull, 2 birds and 1 butterfly figure on our artificial tree.
5) In addition to these, there is a staircase designed for minifigures to enter the ship more comfortably, a path consisting of weeds, stones covering the pool and a cat walking on the path.
6) Finally, I used exactly 18 different colors in the set.

Please do not forget to support my project, which I think will suit your fairgrounds well. I hope to see you in other projects...

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