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Spider-Man 4: Hob Goblin chase


This is a Spider-Man 4 movie Lego set.

It includes 3 minifigures

  • 1. Spider-Man
  • 2. Hob Goblin
  • 3. Police Officer

Its a set of Spider-Man and the Police Officer chasing the Hob Goblin.

It includes the police car and Hob Goblin glider.

The Hob Goblin suit s going to be the same as the Green Goblin suit from the Spider-Man 2002 movie.

Except the Hob Goblin suit is going to be golden.

It includes the Police Officer hand gun, Hob Goblin pumpkin bomb, and pumpkin missile.

Spider-Man and the Police Officer are chasing the Hob Goblin and trying to catch him.

The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 4 movie was going to be release in 2009.

The project is going to be the Spider-Man 4 movie set.


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