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Earth to Space Express



My models are 2 rockets and a launchpad. The first rocket is white. It was modeled off of rockets that can carry an extreme amount of weight. Inspiration came from the Delta IV Heavy, the Titan IV-B, and SpaceX's Falcon Heavy. It is a multistage rocket that I estimate would be to carry a maximum of 30,000-40,000 kg it it were real. My second rocket is gray. It was modeled off of smaller rockets that carry a smaller load. Inspiration came from rockets like the Saturn V, and SpaceX's Falcon rockets. I estimate that it could carry 10,000 kg if it were a real rocket. The launchpad is red, yellow, and gray. This one wasn't really modeled off of anything, and I just used my mind to envision what a launchpad should look like.

​Why I built it

I built this because I wanted a LEGO rocket, but couldn't afford one with my own money. It was winter, and I couldn't launch any of my models, and I needed something new in my city. That's when this came up. When I was done, my brother and sister couldn't keep their hands off it. I had just heard about LEGO Ideas, and decided I wanted to submit this design.

Why this would make a great LEGO set

This would make a great LEGO set because it's all you need to start off your own launch site. It offers two rockets and a launchpad which gets you a great head start in building your own site. It's also pretty minimalistic, which would drop the price. It also looks great on a desk. The overall structure is also pretty durable, which is very helpful if your like me (who constantly drops things). Overall, this would make a great set for adults and kids alike.        

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