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Lego Creator Apartment Building


     This building is triangular in shape and would typically be found on sharp, irregular intersections in older communities.  This building is based on one such structure in Charlottetown, Prince Edwards Island, Canada.  This model has four stores on the bottom level (a picture shop, antique shop, coffee shop and a restaurant.  On the top two levels there are twelve apartments fully decorated.

     This project has 1,578 bricks and 8 minifigures (antique shop worker, picture shop worker, coffee shop worker, cook, waiter and three shoppers).  

     This project may seem hard to fit into your Lego city but it can fit in spots that other buildings can't.  For example,in my city, there is a spot in my downtown where a turn in my track makes it impossible to put a normal building there but this building can fit perfectly!

     Please follow, support and share my project.  If you like this project click on the link to see City Park  Also if you have any questions write them in comments and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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