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Different Chess Set


This querky chess set was built to look different, not like a classic chess set. I thought 'What would make it different?' and came up with a boarder, the decorative feature round the edges. Also, I changed the pieces slightly. If I was making a classic chess set, I would change the look of the pieces to present a more old-fashioned idea.

The set is built on a light grey base plate 32x32.

The board squares are 4x4 each, making it the size of a classic chess set 8 squares x 8 squares. I didn't want to adjust the board size because then the rules change and it would get too complex.

The pieces are all built on 4x4 round plates givng stabillity and easy movement of them.

The king is taller than the queen; I wanted to show who's more important. Leading on from this the pawns are the smallest.

I hope you support this 'different' chess set. Please, if you do like this idea, get other people to support it to! All support kindly appreciated!

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