General Hospital

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Even minifigures can get sick! So to join the rest of the modular street, here is the general hospital. Like the other buildings, it has three floors, all packed with details. Like the Fire Brigade, the hospital is set sometime around the 1930s or 40s and comes with a period ambulance. The building has a working elevator to move between the three floors. I have significantly redesigned the building, adding many new details.

The ground floor has a large set of double doors to bring patients in, a reception desk and a doctor's surgery. The floor has many details including a gold statue of the hospital's founder and a hanging skeleton in the surgery where a poor woman is getting a booster shot! Next to it is a pharmacy where the medicines are still prepared by hand.

The middle floor is the ward with beds for the other patients, including a man with a leg in plaster and a little girl who had her tonsils out (that's why she gets ice cream!) There is also a visitor to the ward. The nurse's station also has an old fashioned telephone should help be needed.

The top floor of the building is the operating theatre where the hospital's surgeon is preparing to operate on another patient. Some of the equipment in here looks a little scary but this is only intended to represent whatever surgical tools Lego could design if the set were really made.

The Ambulance has been designed with similar 1930s/40s styling as the fire engine in the Fire Brigade set. The set would come with 12 minifigures, from left to right they are the Pharmacist, two ambulance crew, Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, Receptionist, four Patients and a Visitor.