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Tea Café and Bakery

Hello there! This is a modular tea cafe complete with a
smugglers office (under the cover of a seemingly-reputable private mail-service), a cozy apartment, and a receptionist's room which is part of the mail-service. This model includes a lot of neat details including: 

A cozy corner to sip your tea in peace
A secret chute leading to the smuggler's office
A fold-up bed to save space
A receptionist's room to wait for an appointment with the 'boss' (really a smuggler) and to drop off 'mail'
Fully accessible rooms
A hidden compartment in the smugglers office

  The idea with the smuggler is that he can smuggle important papers under the cover of being the owner of a mail-service, and he can receive important papers through the chute being sent by his accomplices. The receptionist has to be there so that nobody can interrupt the smuggler when he is doing top-secret business. The winding path from the receptionist's room to his office allows him time to evaluate if the person is one of his accomplishes, or a policeman coming to arrest him! People find the mail-service to be very fishy! After all, what is a mail-service with no mail trucks, no P.O. boxes, and a receptionist's room? Hmmmm, what is going on?

  I built this build because I thought that it would become a great set due to it's wide playability, but it would also become a great display piece. I also like to build complex builds, and this one was certaintly a challenge! 
   Please support this build if you want this to someday become a real Lego set! Plus, it's free to support!
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     Note: This build is very similar to one of my other product ideas, but because I added a few floors and changed a lot of details, I decided to submit it as a separate product idea!

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