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Tron LightCycle Minigame


"Welcome to the grid program"  "watch out recognizers!"  "shoot they got me, where are they taking me?"

"they are letting some of them go and they are saying some must go to the games" "aw man I got picked to go to the games" "wow, this place is huge!, wow batons, lets start the lightcycle match!"

based off the real Movie "Tron Legacy, the light cycle scene" in this board game, you will have 6 lightcycles, 2 teams, and up to 6 players can play! Dice, ramps and light Trails are included, plus a brick seperator in case a brick is stuck, last team standing wins, not to big and easy to build and play.








oh yeah there are no custom parts! I just collored some stuff in doceri and paint, I have the origional images and images that had decals added to them.

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