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Lego Star Wars Geonosis Droid Factory


Relive the epic Droid Factory scene from Star Wars Episode II in Lego Style! This amazing Lego set will include: Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, C-3PO, R2-D2, and two Geonosian warriors. As the four brave heroes enter the deadly Droid Factory, all of them get separated due to a sliding floor trap under the entrance. Young Anakin Skywalker must battle through treacherous machines and devious Geonosians in order to escape this dreaded factory. Oh No! Senator Amidala has fallen into one of the melting pots! It's up to the bold and hysterical R2-D2 to rescue the former Queen of Naboo before the fire scorches her!  C-3PO has wandered over to the droid station where he witnesses the evolution of a battle droid (including him). Help these brave heroes escape the Droid Factory!


This is an LDD model, not the complete set model.

I did not have the pieces to build R2-D2 :( , but he will be available in the real set!

And also I did not have the pieces to build a sliding floor trap under the entrance.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Please vote if you want to see this type of set in stores!  It would be indescribable to see this set hit the shelves!