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LEGO Universe: The Maelstrom Won!


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Join the forces of evil! Become one with the Maelstrom and submit to your new overlord, The Darkitect! Bob has fallen into darkness already, now it's your turn. And then... all of the LEGO Universe, mwhahah!

Nimbus Station is an important world in LEGO Universe. It serves as the main travel hub from where many of the other worlds can be accessed. It is also the place where you make a crucial decision: choosing your faction. Furthermore, the vendor stands at Nimbus Plaza have special weapons and armour for each faction.

This fun build for on your desk or shelf captures characteristic locations and details of Nimbus Station, including:
• micro Nimbus Plaza, with its colourful flats and the yellow vendor stands.
• a mini rocket launchpad, for travelling to other worlds.
• the forest, hills and mountainous terrain surrounding the plaza.
• a Maelstrom vortex, similar to the one seen in the mini-game The Battle of Nimbus Station. It can be rotated by turning a knob on the back of the build.
• a display stand with the LEGO Universe logo and that of the four factions.
253 pieces, 2 minifigures: The Darkitect (Baron Typhonus) and evil Bob. Also included are Typhonus' sceptre and Bob's to-do note and pencil.

See the rotating feature in action via the link below:

(I tried to embed it as an image, but I couldn't figure out the formatting code for that...)

Would you rather like to see the good guys win? Well, good news! Check out my large LEGO Universe: 10th Anniversary Tribute project:

It's not too late to save imagination, never! 

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