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Quality Street House


Hello !

I am a collector of 'Quality Street' chocolates' tins & relative items.

As a fan of  Lego and Quality Street, I wanted to realize a unique creation connecting both universes.

So was born this set, with a facade similar of Victorian houses represented on the tins

It includes :

  1. the characters of Miss Sweetly (with her umbruella) and the Major, a British Soldier of the early XXth century;
  2. a little boy, shown on the first tins
  3. a horse, which appearing on numerous images of the brand, often with a carriage.

You can create its little front garden as you want, depends of your imagination. I added a fountain and flowers reminding of the colored wrapping papers of Quality Street's.

Thanks to those who will like my project :) Share you share chocolates :)

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