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Polymech - Field Runner


Designed to hold one pilot for combat, the Polymech is like a second skin armor.

Used when traveling around hostile environments, the Polymech is a standard issue power-armor in the future.

- Capable of agile movements, it can fully articulate its joints like a normal humanoid. 

- The mech has been designed for the wearer to easily slip-in and slip-out through the frontal openings .

- The Polymechs are equipped with standard issue Mech-burst rifles.

- The mech are built with well calibrated balance. 



*The object uses only official Lego bricks

*In terms of Lego Engineering, I was inspired by a fellow crafter. For the object design, the Idea formulated from mechs shown in the film "Patlabor" but did not copy any intellectual properties. 

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