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Geeky Flower Pots - Star Wars


Of big trees and small speeder bikes

After referencing a few other Endor Lego projects, I decided to change the trees. They now have thick round trunks, this hopefully gives a better feel of speeder bikes zipping between trees.

The original speeder bikes felt out of place because it was so long, so I modified the front to be shorter. I think that they now fit the scene better.

This is not related to Lego... but I got a different type of moss for the pot. Aren't they pretty? 




Thicker and cleaner borders

This is a Lego flower pot I made based on the classic Endor speeder bike chase scene. If you like it, please help make this a real product by clicking the support button on the right! I will be constantly improving it, so please check out the latest update below:

The new updated pot at a glance:

As you can see, the borders are now thicker. View from the back:

The thicker borders allow me to snug the buried trooper nicely underground:

The Ewok pit trap is also simplified, I think it looks much more elegant than before:

Another closeup:

Finally, I also added some moss on top of the soil to match the green Lego bricks. Here is a close up without the speeder bikes:


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