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Deep Sea Angler Fish


There are very few Lego fish sets, so I decided to build one. Now, I know why. After immense struggle, I have succeeded in creating a deep-sea fish, whose annoyingly complex body shape really forced me to use multiple wierd connections and "build outside the block." In the end, I was very impressed with the final product, and I hope you are too.

This deep sea fish has it all. Its detailed body shape mirrors the real thing, and the incredibly complex head includes round, bulging eyes and lots of fishy teeth (two on the top jaw, six on the bottom jaw). The jaw, fins, tail, and "lure" all move. The jaw has a particularly broad range of motion, capable of closing nearly all the way or opening to a 90+ degree angle. But despite all the detail, this fish is incredibly sturdy, the weakest point being the front fins (which are still respectably strong). This could make a great Lego Creator set or do well as a stand-alone.

I apologize for the lack of multi-angle pictures. The color green seems to be horrible for photo quality, and I just wanted to get this project out there (it was rejected twice already because of poor photos).

Please support, follow, and comment! Comment even if you don't support, and let me know how I could improve the set to bring it up to par.

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Thank you for your support,

Spac3man Sp1ff

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