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Tower Robbery

"The tower is being robbed! A dastardly thief is scaling the side of the tower in order to steal the treasure. Will the guard notice and stop sleeping on the job, or will the robber succeed? You decide!"

This is a tower I have been working on for a while now. It features:
*Opening doors in the front
*A height of 8 inches
*Castle profile bricks
*Thief and Guard minifigures

The photos are a bit deceptive. I had to resize the images to 640x360 to avoid CUUSOO cropping them. However, this makes the tower in the photos appear shorter than it really is, especially in the last photo. My apologies!

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The guard patrolling the bottom of the tower. I added some rocky terrain and steps at the base of the tower with some vegetation.

The guard at the top of the tower. Will he notice the rope next to him, or will he remain oblivious?

The robber scaling the side of the tower. Will he reach his goal?

A picture of the tower by itself. This picture makes the tower look especially short in the photo. I can assure you that it looks taller in real life.

Thanks for viewing! I hope you like the project and support it.

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