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NASA SLS Block 2


This is the next generation NASA rocket.  This is the rocket that NASA will use to send people back to the Moon, and then on to Mars.  The set is built for use as both model and/or playset.    The SLS set includes:

-The main stage with 4 RS-25 engines.

- 2 Advanced SRBs.

-The 2 J2x upper stage.

-A small satellite.

-Fairing - split into 2 sections

-The launch pad to launch the rocket from or to keep/balance the rocket as a model.  


Model Specifications

-Element- Length x Width x Height - # of bricks

-1st Stage- 10x8x50 - 401 bricks

-2nd Stage- 8x8x14  - 35 bricks

-SRBs x2- 5x4x45 - 43 bricks each, 86 total

-Satellite- 4x3x7 - 20 bricks

-Fairing- 8x8x26 - 15 bricks

-Launchpad- 32x16x6 - 34 bricks

-Rocket- 28x8x83 - 557 bricks

-Total- 32x16x84- 591 bricks

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