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Trophy Truck


This my Trophy truck is created to race outside and manage some obstacles for fun. I decided to create a fast truck. This vehicle is cool to play everywhere thanks to its gear ratio from the drive motor to the rear wheels, that makes it great for a fun game.


The truck has independent suspension in front, and solid axel in back,the rear axle allows it to accelerate quickly and even twist in place. Also the model can be used with Lego lipo block that will give it more power and playability. Powerful XL motor is enough for both speed and power.

Colors of the truck are green, white and black.

Power functions

1x L-motor

1x XL-motor

1x IR Receiver

1x IR Remote Control

1x AAA Battery Box

RC function

Drive power by 1x XL-motor

Steering power by 1x M-motor


I trust you will like my model.

Experience driving the Trophy truck!

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