Product Idea

Spaceship Home

This is a LEGO spaceship I have built, just because I haven't ever built a spaceship before without a set of instructions. I thought I would give it a try.
This spaceship has a seat in front for a pilot, and a transparent blue piece that serves as protective glass for that pilot. It can be rotated up and down quite freely.
Behind the seat of the front pilot, there is an area for another minifigure to stand, where they also have access to a small computer.
On the top of a ship, there is a seat for another pilot, so that the spaceship can be controlled from two different areas. 
In the back of the ship, there is a small garden, and inside the ship is a small bed. This way, the spaceship can also function as a tiny house. 

I have worked really hard on this ship to make it look its best! I like that it is unique, and a reasonably simple build. This would make an awesome LEGO set!