Product Idea

The Stone Age

Did you know that the Neanderthals still live on? Neanderthals went extinct around the same time that modern day humans arrived and many believe that the two species simply interbred to the point that the Neanderthals were lost within the human species. Scientists have found that most people from Europe and Asia have 1% to 2% of Neanderthal genes in their DNA.

The topic of the Stone Age, our pre-history and the evolution of humans is often an interesting and somewhat unknown or mysterious topic. This Lego Ideas set looks back on that time, our ancestors and explores how they lived, what they wore, the tools or technology they used and of course the creatures that once roamed the planet.

I built this Stone Age set as I wanted to try something that hadn’t been done before and to challenge myself to see if I could use modern bricks to create a pre-historic world. I also wanted to do something that would be interesting, fun and educational.

In terms of why I think it would make a good Lego Ideas set, the Stone Age set covers those three qualities mentioned above. Builders of the Lego Ideas Stone Age set will get the opportunity to build and create a Neanderthal cave, familiarise themselves with their clothing, tools and display of cave art as well as some now extinct animals - mammoth and saber-toothed cat (fossil). The Lego Ideas Stone Age set celebrates our ancestors and their way of life, which is why I believe this set would make an exciting and purposeful addition to the Lego Ideas collection.