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JET- Nuclear Fusion Reactor

"Lego City has just gone Fusion!"

This model is Based on The JET (Joint European Torus) Reactor in Oxfordshire -UK. Admittedly it is missing the exterior pipe work, but this is because the main part of this model is the torus in the center.

The Torus on its own uses over 1000 parts, from the outside it is hard to understand why, but if you remove the top of the reactor and see inside it is possible to understand the high part demand:

This is the interior of the Torus, it can be access by removing the top of the frame then the top of the torus. It features details like the magnetic deflectors that contain the fusion reaction in their magnetic fields.

The model also comes with a small control room with 3 scientist mini figures and an array of controls to monitor the fusion reaction within:

This is a view from inside the control room looking towards the reactor.

Finally the entire torus can be lifted out of the frame so it can be carefully viewed by the owner.

The axle in the center of the torus is for locating it into the frame.

The entire model uses 2524 bricks (mostly small ones in the reactor) resulting in an approximate valuation of around £100 ($150, €120 or ¥12,300).

This model would be well suited as a model for people interested in modern technology. It would also not look too out of place with space themed sets.

This shows the kit broken into its main parts. from top Left clockwise: Base and lower frame, top of frame, control room, Torus top and Torus Bottom.

Thank you for your support.

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