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This lego set is a boat. It is made up of about 680 pieces. The colors are mostly dark and white, but there are also parts of various shades of green. In my opinion, it is beautiful because everything is done with great care: for example there are the interiors even with the passage between the files of chairs made of white tiles. Then there is a jetty both in front and behind where in the rear you can access the upper floor where there is the cockpit and a large space to look at the sea.
This idea came to me because in addition to the fact that the boats to me have always fascinated is also one of the places where one can create several different stories: in one it may be that the sailors stumble in a storm and have to put it all to get out of it, or a man dressed as a common person, but in reality he is an evicted evildoer manages to climb on the ship and commits thefts then a bourgeois or on a police officer finds out and starts an action, then they could invent a lot of other stories.
Lego is for people of any age only that might be a little complicated to build, but that is one of the funniest parts of a take off the upper deck to move the mules inside the! Indicatively, the recommended age is 10 to 14 years. The lego can be divided into two parts: the cockpit and you can take off the upper deck to move the mules inside the ship.