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Whimsical Fun House


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Whimsical Fun house
I love how children are always on the look out for a play area full of activities and structures to explore and where they can let their imaginations and energies run wild.
My aim was to create a build that incorporated playable, interactive areas set in a whimsical (fun and unusual) atmosphere to allow for children's and adults imaginations to be active just like if they were physically in the structure themselves.
With its fun colour combinations, patterns and shapes, this build aims to act as an appealing display piece as well where you can do a little spin or turn on your way.
I wanted to make this an open project allowing play to go from the outside to the inside of the building so it could offer more freedom of imagination.

  1. Spin away on the Dizzy Seats - How fast can you go?! Who can stay on the longest?
  2. Heighten your senses in the Super Sensory Room where there are many objects to feel and colourful lights to move and dance in.
  3. Jump up onto the Floating Platform and try your aim shooting foam balls at the glowing target.
  4. Test your balance running up and down on the Wobble Suspension Staircase - can you beat your friends to the top?
  5. Climb aboard the Glass Box Ride where you can share secret messages through the Talking Tubes as you spy on people below.
  6. Hold on tight as you get flung about on the Twirly Whirly Swing.
  7. Use your climbing skills to get onto the ladder then whizz down the Totally Tubular Slide to land in the pit below.
  8. If you get tired, relax on the Comfy Couch before running off again for your next adventure.
  9. Meet with your friends in the High Hideaway pit.

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