Product Idea

The Rocketship S.S. Spero

Hello everyone, and welcome to my LEGO Ideas project proposal, The Rocketship S.S. Spero. This model is designed to have an innocent, powerful sense of wonder and imagination for not only young kids, but kids at heart, no matter their age.

What is The Rocketship S.S. Spero?

The Rocketship S.S. Spero is a special rocketship operated and manned by a minifigure merely known as "The Little Man." Named after the Latin word for "hope", the S.S. Spero is actually a three-story house where The Little Man resides so he can keep and care for special little flowers called "star flowers". These star flowers contain special stardust that makes the stars shine even brighter than ever, and they're only grown and found on the moon. The Little Man uses the star flowers and spreads their stardust all over the universe as a reminder to all those who are going though troubling times not to lose hope, happiness, and their sense of wonder. 

What are some details about The Rocketship S.S. Spero?

This set was created by using LEGO Digital Designer, and according to the parts list, there are 1,042 pieces total, including the rocketship itself, the minifigure, his tools, and the garden where he keeps his star flowers. Each of its three levels can open and close to emphasize interactivity and playtime. Since the LDD doesn't calculate the height, it's safe to assume that this is a bit on the large side. But that should be better for play.

The Top Level contains:

  • A nightstand, a lamp, an alarm clock, a bed for the Little Man to sleep in, and a teddy bear nearby to cuddle with.
  • The bookcase, which as random books all over the floor, with a trophy and some smaller figure.
  • The computer, so he can surf the Internet in his spare time.
  • An unlockable hatch, so The Little Man can go to the lower level.

The Middle Level contains:

  • The kitchen, where it has a sink, some cupboards, two bottles of jam, and two utensils for cooking.
  • A table, a cup, and chair, so The Little Man can sit down and enjoy a good lunch. Currently he's eating pizza!
  • A trash can and a refrigerator, where he keeps all his space-munchies.
  • A radio near the corner, so he can listen to some music.
  • The main door, where he can open and explore the world outside.
  • Another unlockable hatch, so he can go to the engine room.
  • A satellite on the outside, for communication with the outside world.

The Bottom Level contains:

  • Two large engines, along with meters to show their conditions.
  • A base computer, where The Little Man can check diagnostics to make sure The S.S. Spero works correctly.
  • Two clear, cylinder power supplies to run his rounds of spreading stardust all over space.

Why should I support The Rocketship S.S. Spero?

As we grow up, we get caught up with life and its hardships that we tend to lose a sense of what is truly valuable. There are people all over the world who suffer diseases, inner turmoil, and much worse, leaving them a gloomy sense of despair. The S.S. Spero is a reminder that there is more to life than whatever present circumstance a person is undergoing, and goodness and hope still exists in the world. The S.S. Spero specifically designed to have a story reminiscent of a children's storybook that might be found in a quiet, cozy library, and it's also designed to be more than just looked at like some plaque or trophy; it's meant to be played with. By supporting this project, you're helping The Little Man carry out his mission to spread hope and happiness all over the universe, further proving that hope, like stars, shine the brightest and most beautiful in the blackest of night.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Rocketship S.S. Spero.