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Canoe Scene


Set amidst autumn, the Canoe Scene is a project set in the woodlands near a river. It is a depiction of a man canoeing in the great outdoors. It includes a fully detailed shoreline with a blue Jeep. The shoreline is detailed with many grass and plants. It also has trees greatly designed by Azog The Defiler. Thank you very much! The shoreline has an open area for which the Jeep parks. The entire set has quite the stunning look with the Jeep sitting amidst the brush. There is also a canoe in the water with the mini figure paddling away to explore the wonderful creation of the world. A huge thanks to LegoBricker  for the use of his Jeep. Thank you very much my friend! This set can and will provide hours of fun and will brighten kids imagination everywhere! This set contains a total of 320 pieces and would sell for $30 to $35 US currency.


Thank you all for clicking the blue support button above! Please leave a comment regarding the your likes or suggestions of the project. Good day to all! :D


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