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Ultimate Fire Truck


So yes, many a Lego fire truck has been made in the past, but none quite like this. It features;

-7 motors, which enable all the functions to be remotely operated
-8 seperately controllable functions (including lights)
-driving and steering
-retracting stabilisers
-rotating ladder
-raise/lower ladder
-extend ladder
-rechargable battery box and recievers integrated into body

The build is around only 1800 pieces and a very compact 12 studs wide, which means the inside is fillled wih wiring and motors and makes for a very interesting build and really pushes Lego to it's limits.

I also tried to make the model as realistic and detailed as possible for a good mix of form and function, but chose not to build an existing fire truck, but an original design, this way the set would require no licensing, keeping the potential cost down.

I have also made a video below to demonstrate the functions working in real life;

As always, I welcome any suggestions, so leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

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