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Martian Outpost


After designing the Moon to Mars Transport System, a LEGO SpaceX Starship, The Martian Mars Rover, and a microscale Mars city called Occupy Mars, many of my design students asked to see a minifig scale of a Mars settlement of some sort (that was playable and not just for display). So here are some of the features:

  • Rotating platform with giant pivoting telescope and solar arrays
  • Galley and community hall with hinged walls that completely open up
  • Observatory that opens up separately without moving the galley walls, where scientists and visitors can observe and gather data from the telescope
  • Veggie lab that grows fruit and vegetables for consumption, and various plants for relaxation and wellbeing
  • Transportation Rover with oxygenator, solar arrays to charge on the move and large tank treads for extreme terrain
  • Docking bay with sliding door for access to the Rover

This was really fun to design and build. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing the images and thanks for reading!


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