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Thunderbirds Tracy Island


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This short two minute video confirms this model is indeed 2999 pieces after a complete upgrade.

Tracy Island completely overhauled now at 2999 total pieces, and new high quality pictures.

The main changes is the drop down box system for number two has been completely re-designed, as before it was just a drop down plate (no walls) with a rescue team member. Now the number two has three different drop down boxes, each of which have a fold down door complete with their own unique remote controlled vehicle inside each of the three new cargo boxes. The mole drill, the Harpoon recovery vehicle, and my own international rescue design, The BDU or bomb disposal unit. 

I had to cut off the sides of the island, basically wasted pieces on the island or rocks etc., so as I could make improvements to the number two, and add THREE additional drop down cargo conatiners each complete with their own unique remote controlled vehicle. 

NOTE The rendering image I use will not bring over images on computer panels and or mini figure faces. See image number twenty for example, as no computers in the number two cockpits.


1.This set now has seven vehicles including the number one, two, three, and four. Plus the three drop down cargo pods, with the mole drill, harpoon RC, and my own design, the BDU- bomb disposal unit. Also there is seven international rescue members, Brains, Jeff the father, Penelope, and of course the star of the show Mr. Parker, as far as mini figures go.

2. Fold down palm trees and number Two's runway tilts up thirty degrees or so for perfect launch position for the green number two. 

3. The number two has a four team crew, including two pilots back to back, and two working in the rear compartment of ship in computer lab. The center drop down box is on slider rails and slides down, and the four leg landing gear folds down so as to keep ship high enough to unload cargo box in belly. 

4. The number one big grey rocket has a ninety degree rotating pilot seat, for when she goes horizontal just like in show, as well as retractable wings and landing gear. 

5. The number three rocket has a single man cockpit complete with computer controls etc., and is built on top of a plate on slider rails, so as it can raise up from below the island to launch position.

6. Gordon Tracy pilots the number four under water mini sub, complete with fold open top cockpit and the under water lights on hinge arms, which can be changed to different angels etc.. Enough space in back of number four to store scuba gear, and extra diver etc..

7. Front command base with Jeff and Brains on first level at their respected desks, and the brothers crew quarters is above them on second level. 

8. Lady Penelope and Parker are located the guest house in the rear of the island. Two levels with a two level fire place. A huge dinning room table, complete with many nice luxuries and decorations.

9.The number one rocket is now in the pool, its correct location complete with a diving board.

In closing, I think the display or play factors is strong with this set, thanks for any sugestions and your support.

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