Product Idea

The Burger Lunch

Are you hungry for a burger and some fries? Then support this idea and have a great lunch, with some fries and a soda. This build features around 400 pieces and a great Lego lunch.

The burger is built to have cheese, tomato, lettuce, and the burger patty and bun. The bun is flipped over on the under side of the burger, and there is some tile plates that make that side of the burger smooth. The ingredients inside the burger hang out of it, so it appears more realistic.

The soda can on the far left of this build, is very simple yet unique. It has an orange stripe going around the side, and there is a straw on the top. You can also see that the liquid inside the can is a glitter color. The light blue tray that the food rests on is built with some tile plates and some curved bricks.

 The fries are built with some orange yellow bricks and plates, with a dark red container for them to fit in. They all fit in the box, and the box is built with some curved red bricks.

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