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Off-Road Truck


The heavy-duty off-road truck has one purpose, to cross through any terrain. Big, high-profile wheels provide great friction to the ground, and you can have a long ride in the truck with foldable seats for 4 minifigures and a big storage space.

I first got the idea for the truck when I was planning for a vehicle with much space so several figures could fit inside of it. The result is a very big car/truck which measures 18 cm long, 8 cm wide (including mudguards) and 10 cm high.

The car has many details, both on the exterior and the interior, such as: front lights, light grey mudguards, front and rear windscreen, roof window, side windows, back lights, exhaust pipe, clips on top of the roof for loading supplies (exterior) and inside lights, steering wheel, lether seats and dark tan floor (interior).

Play features

The play features are as follows:

  • Openable front windscreen.
  • Openable doors.
  • A small ladder which folds out to let your figures climb up in the car.
  • The seats fold down, so you can imagine your figures sleeping in the car
  • The walls fold out so you can play inside the vehicle.
  • Store your supplies in the storage section!
  • Space for 4 minifigures and their accesoaries.

Why should this become a set?

The truck can be used in many scenarios; for the Lego wildlife enthusiast who wants a car for their explorer, for an Apocalypse MOC, etc. There are many great play features, and the truck looks good on display, too. All in all, it would make a good set with a few, small changes. There isn´t that many 10 studs wide cars for minifigures.

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