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The Girl Gang - Detective agency

This is a lego set designed to celebrate women all over the world. I built this for girls to feel empowered. I think this would be a great set because this set has four different girls all at the age of 15. These girls are all unique and come from over the world. There is:
Millie West - she is very good at the detective work, she is half Costa Rican and half British
Luciana Hernandez - she is the writer/ journalist of this agency, she is from Colombia
Mila Becker - she is a great puzzle solver and has this knowledge from mystery books, she is half German and half American.
Sadie Hunter - she is a genius so she works very well in forensics, she is half swiss and half English

When these girls work together there is no case they can't solve. If you believe in female empowerment and little girls should learn to love themselves then please do support this set.

the order of the girls from left to right.. Sadie Hunter, Mila Becker, Millie West and Luciana Hernandez.