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El Conquistador Rico


100+ Supporters!!!

Hey all!

It has been a really fun journey here on LEGO® Ideas, and today marks 101 supporters for this project!  We're still quite a ways from 10,000 supporters, so please be sure to spread the word about this project to other people!  Thanks so much for the continued support and the wonderful comments!

Happy building and God bless!  



Update to El Conquistador Rico

Thanks to one and all for the very nice comments and of course your generous support!  I really appreciate your taking the time to support this project - - it makes me feel great to know people would like to see this as a LEGO® set.  :-)

For the first five days of being posted, I'd say 47 supporters is a great start.  That being said, it's still quite a ways from 10,000 supporters.  So if you by chance know anyone who likes ships/pirates/conquistadors, PLEASE let them know about this project.

I appreciate the continued support and to the LEGO® Group for making this great website for fans to post soon-to-be-sets in.

Happy building and God bless!

- BrickBuilder7622

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