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High Altitude Jet FF-31


The FF-31 is a fictional super sonic top secret jet developed by a private space prgram in the near future. The FF-31 was not only designed too be the fastest plane ever created, but the most silent and undetectable by radar. 

This vehicle was develeoped with the concept of getting a single pilot/aircraft into space and back to earth safely again, capable of actually docking with any space station in our orbit.

With space travel becoming more available to the common private citizen in the near future, and private corporations, its just a matter of time until our imaginations become reality, considering how fast technology is replicating. That combined with gathering of ideas and intelligences from all corners of the planet easily accessed in the wolrd wide web. Look no further then what Elon Musk and his team are doing today.


1. Twin nuclear powered top secret jet turbines.

2. Opening cockpit and detailed layout inside.

3. Retractible front and rear landing gear.

4, Titanium heat proofed hull for re-entry.

5. Silent/Stealth mode.

6. Thought control interface.

Length 60 feet.

Height 12 feet.

Top speed top secret unknown.

If you like this concept check ot my other builds if you get time please and thanks for the votes!