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BB-8's Jakku


This is called BB-8's Jakku and I have tried to incorporate loads of small details in to this set. It looks really nice on display in a variety of settings. It features just 112 pieces and is fairly simple to build, it would be a great way to get BB-8 for such as cheap price, as well as some rare pieces!

This model was made to show the key scenes in Star Wars Force Awakens on Jakku, and features mini builds such as :

-Millennium Falcon with sand on it.

-Crashed and on fire Tie fighter.

-Old Pod racer engine in Junkyard.

-Crashed Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer.

-Rey's speeder.

-And Two mini Storm Troppers, mini Rey and Finn.

 If you like this please support and follow this and help make this set a reality! If you can think of any extra builds to include or improvements please let me know in the comments!