Product Idea |

Space Interceptor


I imaginate this space ship design idea and i built it.

So this space ship includes :

5 minifigs :


  • Pilot
  • Copilote
  • 2 troopers
  • 1 Astromechanical droid


Functions :

  1. Open and retract landing legs by rotating propulsor (this was the most difficult part of the ship to include this system inside. My design idea has to be updated to arrive to do this)
  2. Open cockpit
  3. When cockpit is lifted, pilot can go with a motojet.
  4. Open rear to access to troopers
  5. Open trap on left to take droid
  6. Open trap on right to take gun
  7. Press on front laser guns to fire with spring gun

Nothing more to say, just look photos and enjoy.

Me, I was really happy to create this space ship ! This is the point, else, why create Lego model.

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