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On the Set of Friends


Lights, Camera, Action! This lego set is on the set of the TV show "Friends." The set is made to look like the real set with a background of the Central Perk coffee shop with the famous couch, tables, and chairs. There's a camera operator, a sound boom operator and a clapperboard and lights. Of course it includes the 6 main characters.

Rachel comes with another outfit and clothes rack. Phoebe comes with a guitar and a smelly cat. Joey comes with a turkey leg and a TV award. Ross comes with a fossil brush and a dinosaur bone. Chandler comes with a jester hat and a comic book. Monica comes with a baker hat and a pot and a pan. 

The rug beneath them is made by a mosaic. Also included is a plant, flowers on a table, an extra chair, the bar in the background with coffee cups, glasses, and a plate on a tray. On the back wall there's a generic coffee cup mosaic to mimic the Central Perk sign. 

I made this set because not only is "Friends" a favorite TV show at our house, it's one of the most popular and beloved shows in the world. It is "on the set" because it's more fun to actual be on the set watching the show being filmed, and as a lego builder, it's fun to have control over where the camera goes. This was made for all the "Friends" fans out there and those that love TV shows and behind the scenes and video production.

This would make a great lego set because there's something for everyone to like, even if you aren't a fan of the show. You can see how TV shows are made out of a backdrop, props, with cameras, lights, sound equipment and more. There are a lot of unique but basic everyday pieces to build like the couch, lounge chair, table, rug, and brick wall.

This comedy show set will make you laugh with Phoebe's famous "Smelly Cat" song, Chandler's jokes you can make up yourself, Ross's serious and nerdy dino stories, Rachel's never ending sets of clothes, Monica's extremely clean pots and pans, and Joey's appetite for more than just food, and, of course, "How you doin'?" A great gift for all the people you know who love this show. A great set to build and play for kids and adults, and also to display. Everyone can relate to at least one of the characters from the show. Fun building the whole family can do together, or with friends!

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