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Ahhh, what better way to cruise around in style than in a steampunk trike. There is nothing quite like it.

Built with a solid frame and strong suspension, Flywheel was once a simple 4 wheeler, but was converted into a heavy, well built trike with lots of power. Front wheels are on pivots, giving the vehicle the ability to raise and lower its self. Although tight, there is just enough room to fit to figures in the comfy bench seats. And just because u can ride in style doesn't mean u are protected. The Flywheel is equipped with sludge missiles and steam powered blasters hidden at the front. The passengers are protected by thick armor, as well as the rest of the vehicle. the front grill even has its own armor cover to protect against flying debris. All in all an incredible vehicle to drive.

The build its self is relatively simple, using common techniques to help support the weight of the vehicle. There are no illegal uses of bricks within the build. Changes can always be made. what I would like to see come out of this build is for the blasters on the underside to be functional. The best way I see that working is them being replaced with the 4 by 1 spring bolt shooters.  The rear wheel also desperately needs a tire to fit around it. They would fit under the carriage very well. The parts count is not yet known but I will be adding the build to LDD to find out soon.

I love steampunk especially with Lego. the large assortment of parts in these select colors leads to some truly amazing creations. one thing that I have always enjoyed about this theme is that it forces the builder to use parts that are not typically considered useful. Like for instance the giant gold wheel or the inverted arches commonly used to build trees. It is also a good way for kids to learn about how to detail their builds. A lot of the parts used for detailing are very small and typically come in metallic colors. these select parts are what make the build what it is.

What I would like to see come from this is a series where clans of "junkers" that build elegant machines that race, fight, and battle, all within the steampunk theme. I have built several builds within this theme and will continue to do so.

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