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Operation: Steam Knight - Sugegesa Styled Bone Mecha

For those unfamiliar with the designs of Sugegesa here is a link. I stress this design is 100% mine, I have only used Sugegesa's models for reference. This is not a copy of any of their designs. Credit is given to Sugegesa simply out of respect for another LEGO builder who's work has been an inspiration.

This "Chibi" mecha design is continuing the theme of Dark Magic empowered battle suit/mecha units in the Operation: Steam Knights universe.

The set uses a very basic t-bar joint system to allow a range of movements. The cockpit is made up of 4 main pieces jointed around the pilot, which can be removed.

Fiction: In the armies of Necrosus there are skeletal knights who, with the aid of dark magic, can animate the terrible Bone Mecha. Wields a broadsword and easily identified by its black armour over a blood read body.

View with cockpit open.

Side pose.

Close up of skeleton mini fig pilot in his armour.

Another view.
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For anyone wondering why the aesthetic of this design is so radically different to the previous designs, well there hangs a story. This is actually an updated version of the oldest of the medieval mecha designs I created, so technically this is the "original". However, after deciding to work in the clockwork/steam elements I initially didn't plan on adding any designs that didn't include those attributes. But after the other Bone Mecha proved just as popular as the original designs, I decided what the heck and added this one anyway.

I feel that mixing magical and more mechanical armours in the same line will provide diversity which will increase sales and spark imagination. If you agree, please support this and my other Operation: Steam Knight designs. Thank you.

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