Product Idea

Classic UFO

Who loves the idea of Aliens visiting us in flying saucers? The idea has been popular ever since the Roswell incident of 1947. the closest LEGO ever made to one of these was the UFO Encounter from the Alien Conquest theme, but it was very colorful, and non-realistic (then again, this isn't exactly realistic either). 

The set is made to mimic the standard design of flying saucers, and is very monochromatic. I particularly like the sleek, curved design of the saucer.

Functions: There aren't many functions used. The cockpit can open up to allow a Minifigure alien in, and the landing gear can fold in to allow a sleek in-flight UFO.

The Minifigures: The alien is represented as a classic alien figure, with the teardrop-shaped head and the big eyes. The human is a typical scared human with a camera.

Why this should be made as a set? 

This should be made as a set because it is now such an iconic piece of pop culture and society. Kids could have lots of fun making up alien invasion stories, or making the aliens abduct a human for their evil plans. Because this is such a simple set, it allows more imagination from the kids, and less story from the set (something that many LEGO Sets today don't have). It would also be popular wit Ufologists who are obsessed with Extraterrestrials. It could also fit into many play themes, like City or space, and even could be used as a new villain for kids to use in a story-based theme.

If you want to see this made as a set, don't be afraid to press that support button. We've only got 365 days!