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Lego Fire Department: Rescue, Pumper, and Hook & Ladder!


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These fire engines are based on real life models. The largest truck is the hook and ladder truck. It can reach tall buildings and has lots of room for storage, and can seat at least 2 mini figures. The Hook and Ladder has a trailer which can rotate which allows the ladder to be so long. Because of this reason, a second minifig is required to steer the back portion of this massive truck. The center truck is a pumper truck. It is mainly used to pump water to other fire engines on the scene of a fire, as well as to extinguish fires itself. It is the main piece of fire apparatus used by all fire departments, and it has storage for some essential firefighting equipment, as well as a small ladder. The third truck is called a rescue truck. It is a fire engine that is sent to many calls, including car accidents, fires, medical emergencies, and any "rescue" related emergencies. It stores equipment only and does not contain hoses. 

 I feel that this would make a good Lego set because it introduces a more diverse range of fire trucks that we have not seen before from Lego. Furthermore, it includes alot of equipment. I believe that a set such as this is essential to a collector that wants to finish a collection of fire department related machines for reasons mentioned above. To design a set like this, I would approach the design so that I had three fire trucks that serve different purposes (mentioned in the first paragraph). For my design process, I referenced pictures of real life Canadian/American fire vehicles to get the looks you see here.

Note: please leave any advice/suggestions that I can use to change these designs to make them even better! I value your feedback! Updates will be posted at a later date as well as individual pictures of the trucks. Thanks, and I look forward to reading your comments!