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Black Tower Terror


The brave adventurer doesn't know what to expect as he enters the Black Tower. He is soon confronted by rock men and zombies! The Dark Warrior must be a huge fan of traps, because his fortress is guarded by two trapdoors, dart launchers and many sharp claws and spinners. The first trapdoor leads into an underground pit, which is home to a hungry pit spider. If the adventurer defeats it, the weapons and armor below the ground will be his! The second trapdoor is just next to a shrine which will shoot a dart at the brave man. This trapdoor also leads underground, but this time, into a dungeon. A dark, small dungeon. If the adventurer passes these traps, he is free to explore the tower, which houses many useful items, some of which have magical abilities. These will help him a lot when he is to fight the Dark warrior, who has defeated many careless men in the past. If he were to be defeated by the adventurer, he would lose his Time Crystal, which is of great value and extremely rare.

I would recommend this set to builders with a large imagination who are very adventurous. If this set were to pass the LEGO Review, I bet it would become very popular and be sold at a very fast rate.

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