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IMO/ARC Car Wash

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If you have ever travelled to Europe or Australia, or you currently live there, chances are you have seen several of these modern, tunnel-like buildings around. Each one is a branch of the world's largest car wash chain, IMO Car Wash (ARC Car Wash in the UK). You would think that Lego and IMO would have teamed up to make a set by now for the Euro-Australian market, but oddly, it hasn't happened yet. This set would include 3 civilian, 1 policeman, and 1 attendant minifigures, 2 civilian cars, 1 undercover police car,an automatic car wash building, 2 detachable self wash bays, and rearrangeable automatic car wash equipment. The total piece count (minifigures excluded) is 1180 bricks.

**NOTE**: I did not have enough space to put the cars in any of the pictures. If you want to see more detail of the cars, then leave a comment with your email and say that you want this project's LDD file, which I can send to you.

List of features:


-Civilian (2)
-Police Undercover (1)


-Self Wash Bays (2)
-Automatic Wash Tunnel


-Tri Color Foam System (1 per side)
-Rocker Panel Brush (1 per side)
-Top Brush with Arch (2)
-Quad Wrap Around Scrubbers
-Basic Arch
-Tire Shine Arch
-Air Dryer
-Wiping Curtain
-Self Wash High Pressure Water Gun (2)
-Self Wash Foaming Brush (2)


-Female Civilian
-Male Civilian
-Police Detective

The entrance of the automatic car wash.

The exit of the car wash. In the background you can see the undercover police car.

**NOTE**: The curtain is made using flexible parts.

The automatic car wash, with top removed.

The self wash bays, with equipment.

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