Product Idea

Legend of Zelda: Fire Temple

This lego set has been designed to depict the interior design of the Fire Temple, a dungeon from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. The temple is incredibly hot, and will burn anyone inside who does not have the skin of a Goron or a Fire Resistant tunic. The scorching temperatures are normally enough to scare off any curious adventurers. However, with this Lego set, anyone can enjoy the challenges of the fire temple without the risk of being burned to death.

The set comes with three rooms. The first is the entrance, which contains a huge statue, a trap door, and two doors on the lower level, one being the trap door's exit, the other is covered by boulders which can be removed with the Megaton Hammer.  The small room behind that door contains a treasure chest with a key inside.

The second room is the lava room, which holds a giant rope bridge, flame-propelled blocks, and another chest with a key in it. There are also two Fire Keese and a Red Bubble. There is also a fairy which can be placed on top of the single pot on the stone island.

The third and final room is the Flare Dancer room. Inside is a podium, with a removable top, and underneath is a pit of fire. There is also a Flare Dance in this room. 

The Link in this set could use a new chest print to better fit the one in the actual game. He has the fire tunic on, and holds the Megaton hammer, the treasure found in this temple.

The Red Bubble could use some prints on the eyes, but it's pretty good.

The Fire Keese should be good the way they are.

The Flare Dancer needs a print on the minifigure head to look like the the actual head in the game.

Thank you for viewing this project. Please support, and thanks to all who do!