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The Parthenon


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The ancient wonder of the world is finally complete in Lego!

This Extremely accurate, and fun model is a great example of the Parthenon today, in all its glory! 

This model, while trying to be a Lego Architecture-like model, has play features as an added bonus to make an otherwise display model a fun set! This model includes a Greek catapult with lego rocks to fling, 3 MiniFigures including the mighty Zeus, and two EXTREMELY accurate Greek soldiers for people to battle or display with and 2 ruined columns that can be flung out from the model to add to the ruined effect or for battle damage! These are easily removed and put back on the set for a fun experience. The model also includes an accurate and removable Athena Statue! A Model, play set and landmark all in one set!!! Also, a great size!

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