Product Idea

Santa's Workshop

Experience the magic of the North Pole by building Santa's home and workshop! This set lets you immerse yourself in Santa's world as he prepares for Christmas Eve. You can even build toys in Santa's workshop while he relaxes by the fire with Mrs. Claus and some milk and cookies.

The model features three levels with lift off technology:

The first floor contains:

 - an entry way, kitchen and kitchen table
 - a small christmas tree
 - living room complete with a big comfy chair for Santa, milk and cookies, a wine cabinet for those long winter nights, a light up fireplace, and stockings hung by the chimney with care. (Here's a little known secret - Santa and Mrs. Claus hang up their own stockings to exchange gifts every year!)

Stairs lead up to the second floor which contains:

- Santa and Mrs. Claus's bedroom lit by LEGO candlelight
- A small bathroom
- Part of Santa's two story workshop where he has been collecting the toys he's made for good boys and girls.

From the second story Santa and his elves can climb the ladder up up to the third floor which contains:

 - His main work area where he keeps all his tools
 - Santa's tool bench and work table where he builds the toys
 - a map of the world to help him plan his journey 

The set comes with 4 minifigures: Santa, Mrs. Claus, an Elf, and a Gingerbread man (a frequent visitor of the North Pole). It also has two pets for the Claus family, a dog and cat for you to name. 

Celebrate Christmas all year long with Santa's workshop!