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The Black Hole


Back in 1979 to the Walt Disney's movie " THE BLACK HOLE".

In years 2130 , V.I.N.CENT LF 396 ( Left ) and his human crew of the PALOMINO spaceship from earth , travel in a galaxy far far away in search of another life . VINCENT detects the presence of a black hole and discover , in a zone of non gravity , a gigantic space station named U.S.S. CYGNUS lost for more than 20 years . PALOMINO is attracted by the CYGNUS , on board they  meet the legendary Professor Reinhardt , the only survivor of the expedition from what he says . VINCENT walks in search of clue and meets B.O.B. LF 28 ( Right ) an old battered robot of the same model has him . BOB explains to VINCENT that he is harassed by the robots of the CYGNUS especially by MAXIMILIAN . PALOMINO'S crew is in danger , the two buddies will save the crew .

Includes  :                      -  They both have 2 spring shooters with protections (more safe) .

                                       -  Their heads turn with mechanical system at the back .

                                       -   Articulated arms with clamps and Legs extensions .

                                       -   Stickers for the eyes , ears and name .

The set contains approximately 400 pieces and the robots measures 12 cm high and 14 cm wide .

This set is the reason i download Lego Digital Designer and begin to create .

I hope you like and support .

Thank you .